Get The Drum on Ear Disease – our video project

29 Apr 2013

Ear health has a great impact on children’s  wellbeing and development.  Chronic ear infections in early childhood can lead to permanent hearing loss  if left untreated. A child who has some hearing loss may struggle to learn to talk, to keep up in school and to develop a strong and confident sense of self.  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children have possibly the highest rate in the world of chronic ear infections.  

This  situation has led to the Federal Government’s launch of a national Indigenous Ear Health Campaign – and to an exciting new Radio Adelaide project.

Get the Drum on Ear Disease aims to raise awareness, especially amongst people caring for pre-school aged Indigenous children. These carers can include a huge range of extended family members, teachers and health professionals.

Andrea Fraser is an Indigenous Radio Adelaide broadcaster turned video maker, and she’s made this series of eight short videos and Community Service Announcements on this topic for broadcast on TV, radio and online.  She has interviewed real people, asking them to give up their time to share their stories with the hope of helping others.

“The message is to the whole community, to be aware of the signs and symptoms of ear disease, so I’ve been working on a fathers’ episode, a mothers’ and elders’ episode and a teenagers’ episode, so we include the whole community and how we can all be aware of ear disease.”

This is a new step for Radio Adelaide, building on our existing media production and project management skills and links with Indigenous media.  Training Manager Nicky Page sees it as an exciting new step for the station.

“We get to be part of this very important campaign, tackling an issue which adds to the disadvantage faced by the Aboriginal community. Not only that, we develop our skills in video production.  We have made many, many radio series, but this time we’re making videos for a public campaign, and we’ve had to build on the skills and equipment already at the station.”

The videos are online at  Get The Drum on Ear Disease and have been distributed to many Indigenous media and health sites. Two of the videos are in Pitjantjatjara language, with  English subtitles. Audio versions of the videos are being broadcast on Radio Adelaide and  distributed to community stations around SA.

For more information visit The Indigenous Ear Health Project at

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